Sheet Music

New music for you, and for your pupils.  I have published two piano sheet music books containing all the pieces from my albums: 

·       “Journey - Twelve Romances for Piano” (ISMN: 9790900237606), and

·       "Sky Blue Piano" (ISMN: 9790900299000)

The books have been typeset, designed and printed by people who work for ABRSM publishing, so they are easy to read, and look and feel great.  If you play the piano, these pieces are between grade 5 and 7 standard.  

Join other piano teachers in recommending this uplifting and joyful music to their pupils.  To find out how to purchase, visit my website shop

Here are two preview videos of my books:

Thank you to piano teacher Joan Kaye in allowing me to publish her review of my sheet music books:

“Afternoon Adrian.  I just thought I’d give you some feedback on your books.  Having sight-read through them and then returned to study in more depth I have some thoughts on them - all positive!

From a personal point of view - fabulous intricate melodies and rhythm patterns plus those delicious flat keys and harmonies.  The pieces explored the upper and lower octaves of the piano which really showed off my beautiful instrument in all its glory.  

Some pieces were a challenge from a sight reading point of view when double flats and sharps entered the mix causing me to check I was playing the correct chords!   A general lack of clutter regarding dynamics leans itself to self expression.  These pieces will be propped up on my piano waiting to be played time and time again.

From a teaching point of view - plenty of examples of double thirds which for weaker fingers can be a challenge, so great for strengthening them.  Lovely block chords - I might need to adapt the number of notes in them for smaller hands though.  Complex rhythms for the more advanced, along with those fluctuating keys to see them on their toes.  Crossing hands - always enjoyed by pupils, and “hidden” melodies helping them to balance the touch while one hand murmurs in the background.  

All in all - fabulous and so different.  Love them.  😁​😁​“

© Adrian Lord 2019